The CfNN Local Advisory Council (LAC) consists of faculty and executive leadership from our academic affiliates. The Director of the PVAMC HSR&D COIN, James Rudolph, MD, is the current Chair. The LAC helps CfNN to work productively and efficiently with CfNN’s academic and hospital affiliates; assists CfNN leadership and research investigators in setting priorities for programmatic growth and maintenance; and provides trusted feedback on CfNN’s research program.

Local Advisory Council Members

Profile Picture of James Rudolph.

James Rudolph, MD (Chair)

Profile Picture of Vicki Colvin.

Vicki Colvin, PhD

Tejal A. Desai, PhD

Mukesh K. Jain, MD

Profile Picture of Robert Kirsch.

Robert Kirsch, PhD

Profile Picture of Diane Lipscombe.

Diane Lipscombe, PhD

Profile Picture of Jill Pipher.

Jill Pipher, PhD

Kasim Yarn