The VA RR&D Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology (CfNN) began with a June 2012 funding award from the Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation Research and Development Service  The Center is a collaboration between the VA Providence Healthcare System, Brown University, Butler Hospital, Lifespan, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

CfNN unifies distinguished researchers and clinicians to advance and translate neurotechnology to restore lost function. Through its three focus areas and three support cores, CfNN seeks to develop, test and implement new therapies and technologies that restore function for Veterans with disorders affecting the nervous system.

Focus Areas

BrainGate Participant used robotic arm to drink coffee.

Restoring Communication and Mobility

TMS positioning.

Mental Health

Researchers inspect prosthetic arm.

Restoring Limb and
Sensory Function


Researcher places cap on participant.


HNN Logo.

Recording, Decoding, and Computational Neuroscience

Computer screens set up for assessments.

Assessment, Outcome Measurement, and Implementation

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Our Partners

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