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CfNN Quarterly Seminar – Q4

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Bashar W. Badran, PhD

CfNN Quarterly Seminar – Q3

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Michael J. Young, MD, MPhil

VA Research Week

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Improving Reliability Of BCI Control Using Neural Plasticity

Via Zoom Meeting ID: 94877350618 Password: 605302

Karunesh Ganguly, MD, PhD

How Distributed And How Focal Are Cognitive And Pathological Processes In The Human Brain?

Via Zoom Meeting ID: 95671339404 Password: 533703

Sydney Cash, MD, PhD

Restorative Neurostimulation for Interactable Chronic Low Back Pain

Via Zoom Meeting ID: 95004717298 Password: 335112

Alexios Carayannopoulos, DO, MPH

The Transition Of A Prosthesis From A Tool To A Hand-Restoring Touch And Naturalistic Control

Providence VA Medical Center 5th Floor Classroom 3

Dustin J. Tyler, PhD

Understanding the Psychological and Neurobiological Impact of Polymorbidity in Post 9/11 Veterans: Defining the Deployment Trauma Phenotype

Providence VA Medical Center 5th Floor Classroom 3

Regina McGlinchey, PhD

William Milberg, PhD

Suicide Prevention Research Discussion Panel

PVAMC, 5th Fl auditorium

Jennifer M. Primack

Jennifer Barredo

Ivan Miller

Michael F. Armey

Benjamin D. Greenberg

Understanding and Preventing Suicide

Hazeltine Commons in the Engineering Research Center, Brown University 345 Brook Street Providence, RI 02912 United States

Benjamin D. Greenberg, MD, PhD

Jennifer M. Primack, PhD

Michael F. Armey, PhD

Noninvasive CNS Therapies with Focused Ultrasound: Principles and Practice

Providence VA Medical Center Building 1 - 5th Floor, Classroom 3

Nathan McDannold, PhD

Perceptual characteristics and psychosocial impacts of touch evoked by peripheral nerve stimulation

Providence VA Medical Center Building 32 - Room 164

Emily Graczyk, PhD

Neurostimulation and control strategies for understanding and manipulating somatosensory function

Providence VA Medical Center Building 32 - Room 164

Jason Ritt, PhD